Start by Reserving Your Storage Server

The number one question we are asked, "How can you afford to offer this level of service?"

Our answer, we are successful because businesses like yours make it possible, we have virtually no turnover, low marketing, mainly through word of mouth; Thank You for that.

Please provide as much information about your data storage as possible in order for us to give you a tailored estimate that’s right on the money, $0.015 GB/Month.

Discuss Your Storage Requirements

20 TB 40 TB 60 TB 80 TB 100+ TB

No, big box "cloud" can match our offering, we know because we looked for this level of service for our companies, it did not exist, so we built it ourselves.

You can thank us when we meet you in-person to install your new backup storage server. {;-)

Simple & Protected, On-site & Off-site Managed Backups

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